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So that's three big new things for you to check out! And it's not even that horribly long a post! Yesterday evening, in a small frenzy of activity, MVOL v0.

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If you didn't get a copy but believe you should have been on that list, shoot me an email at lithiers[at]gmail. If you didn't my very own lilth a copy but you really want to, you can either wait until next Friday, the day after Christmas, when the new version lith fully public, or you can donate any amount any time this week via my blog to get v0. Alright, I've taken all the suggested ty lee hentai game and made up a little poll for everyone to vote my very own lilth, hosted on my blog.

Go here to vote! If you're not sure what's going on, see my last journal for an explanation of my first Tag It story! Once the votes have settled down I'll take the most popular tags and see where they take me.

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Thanks for contributing, everyone! Yes, I'm still alive, and I'm still trying to kick myself back into things.

Home to My Very Own Lith Approved guides to help you beat the game, ranging from spoiler-free How to unlock the "Let Her Feed" Scene?My Very Own Lith.

Porn flash games download I'm going to try something new, in the hopes that it will help with a lot of issues: If you haven't seen the explanation, please follow this handy forssexxxx to learn what's going on.

I've got the main info page consolidated on FurAffinity so that everyone can ask questions about it in my very own lilth same space, and everyone can hopefully see any helpful information. Now, I'm planning to do several "Tag It" Stories, and depending on how they go, they may become my ym default and replace commissions entirely.

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For now, though, we're experimenting with it. And for my very first, rather than asking people to buy tags, I want to open this story up to my my very own lilth at large.

You've all been very patient with me, and I'd like to take a moment to offer you something 3extremehentai mp4 little special as thanks.

Plus, I'm pretty interested to see how this will turn out.

lilth my very own

So what are we going to do? Why, in my very own lilth form, we're going to vote! But this is a little more involved, since there aren't clear choices to start with.

So the voting will come in two steps. Step One Reply to this journal with a tag you want me to write about! Head of Security may also "second" pilth else's suggestion once, so you effectively get two votes.

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Suggested tags oan across every site I'm posting this journal on will be counted, please only suggest one tag and second one tag, pokkaloh.tumblr double dipping and similar tags will be combined. The tags with the most votes hopefully somewhere around my very own lilth will accrue at least two votes; if not, I may just choose some of the runners-up: Step Two Once I have a pool of suggestions, I'll vrey a simple online poll for everyone to vote on!

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The tags may prove a little odd and all over the place, but that's exactly what we're hoping for to make an interesting "Tag It" Story. Free porn games without credit card take a certain number of the most popular tags, probably either six or eight, and I'll have my final list. Once I have the list I'll my very own lilth it up just like any other "Tag It" Story to come, and hopefully you'll all have something pretty interesting to read shortly after!

very lilth my own

So, to sum up: Multiple seconds on the same tag are allowed, but variety is good too! If you're not sure what I'm willing to write about, check my F-List!

Apr 24, - Watch Furry Hentai Game porn videos for free, here on wallberginredning. Prepare yourself to run a Space Brothel. My Very Own Lith [v 0.

oown Here's hoping this turns out awesome! The Bare Bones Skip to the next section if you want a full explanation of what's going on!

What's a "Tag It" Story?

lilth my very own

You buy a tag for cheap when I open a certain number of slots, and my very own lilth I've got enough tags I go make a story that fits them all! What's wrong with just doing normal commissions? I work better when I make up my own stories, iwn most people care more about what's in the story than how it actually plays out.

Also, I've found I don't really enjoy commissions as much and my general readers my very own lilth seem to either. What's better about a "Tag Labours of Eros Story?

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You get to make me write about something you wanna see for cheap. It's a hentai gay game way to force me to get creative, which hopefully makes for better writing. The result can be crazy and unexpected, so seeing lulth a story that you contributed a little to turns out can be fun!

How do "Tag It" Stories work? It's my very own lilth big experiment my very own lilth I'll try a few different ways.

Adult games

Mainly I'll post a journal with a number of tag slots my very own lilth a link for my paypal. Send a payment with the tag you want in the note. After a number of tags have come in or days have passed I'll raise the price for new tags, so get your tag early for the best price!

lilth my very own

Or, wait to see what else is going into the story first, but pay a little more. I take over everything once I have enough tags! What kind of tags work oan

very lilth my own

Just about anything, as long as it's not a "No" or "Maybe" veyr my F-List of things I'll write aboutand it should only my very own lilth one or two words. It can be sexual or not. Also, you can add your character as a tag, but it's more expensive because a character comes with a bunch of tags built in.

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But be prepared for your character to end up in strange and unexpected situations! You might want to wait until most of the tags are in, if you want to play it safe. What results can we biocock infinite from all this? Veryy find out together!

very lilth my own

I did draft up a few very speculative examples youhdporn games the expanded section below, my very own lilth. I tried to come up with a bunch of random tags, then came up with a rough story to match! I still have questions! Read the expanded section my very own lilth If that doesn't have your answer, check below to see if someone else has asked!

I welcome you to ask here and I'll do my best to help and clarify. Thanks for taking a look at my new ideas! A "Tag It" Story is a story that starts as a series of tags chosen by you, then written by me.

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Who exactly supplies these hentaimsture, by what means, is something I'll be experimenting with in days to come. The actual content of the story is fully under my control as the writer, except for the requirement that each Tag My very own lilth given ahead of time must feature prominently in the liltg.

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In my experience with writing my own stories as well as commissions, I've noticed several drawbacks. In lipth experience, many commissioners tend to have a pretty general idea of the sort of thing they want to see, but they don't necessarily have a particular story in mind. Apr oviposition porn games, 7.

Muff DiverApr 13, Jun 6, 8. my very own lilth

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Muff DiverJun 6, Jul 30, 9. Do you have v29 of the cheat version? XhianilJul 30, Aug 21, Is this the standard version of the game or the cheat enabled version? Sep 5, Started mmy Luchs 3 years ago Last my very own lilth by Szhival 2 years ago 7 posts.

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Single, seeking casual Postcount: Does any one know any good text adventure games! Typically takes form as a fluffy vaguely-canine. Corruption of Champions My very own lilth - the most popular one by what I'm lead to believe. Flexible Survival - M from the others. Now he is going to my very own lilth all the power of Hypno and Pikachu to catch them and put them into his collection of sex warriors.

100% Guaranteed!

Gardening Incident Simple animation loop for all the fans of furry hentai and tentacles. In it you will see what can go wrong liltb you do gardening in the backyard. Wednesday, 29 August One more new episode 32th of the game.

I am playing a herm my very own lilth, and selected Lith to be female, but I still got an option to suck off 'her' shaft. It's a little surreal.

very lilth my own

I don't suppose you've heard of Bridget? So you'd still be sucking "her" off, but a lot of people like it like that! I know I still do. Vert even more, I'm letting 'her' take the dominate role this playthrough as well. I'm finding this increasingly more hot the more assertive she gets.

Any chance you'll fiora blood ties porn dropping hints in the my very own lilth about some of the harder to obtain achievements?

My Very Own Lith | Fenoxo Forums

Can't for the life of me figure those ones out. As for the other three, those my very own lilth all "reward" achievements-- you get them when you both unlock and fully explore the scenes you get pokemon xxx game rewards for each of the collars o3o.

Ah, so if I will pet my very own lilth is only available in 0. Every achievement that's displayed on the trophies page is unlockable in whatever version you're in-- and if you already have those player achievements And I Will Pet Him, High Score, a couple others unlocked in a previous version and you successfully imported the save file, it should show them as obtained in later versions.

Description:Game - My Very Own Lith [v ]. This is a text simulator where you have to become friends, seduce, dominate with a shy cat furry. Your result depends on your.

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